World Water Day: March 2017

Hydromanagement participated in the conference "Closing the water cycle: reuse of wastewater from the field to the industry."

The event was organized by the Thessaloniki water and sewage company (EYATH), the Environment Council and the Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the Greek Hydrotechnical Association and the Hellenic Committee of Hydrogeology on the occasion of World Water Day.

"We need to overcome the perception that wastewater is only a problem. It is a natural resource within a circular economy, a goal to be implemented via many applications, but particularly in irrigation, which accounts for 80% of the fresh water, " mentioned during his speech, the president and CEO of EYATH S.A., Giannis N. Krestenitis.

On behalf of Hydromanagement, chemical engineer and member of the Greek Hydrotechnical Association, Eleftheria Nikolaidou, presented alternative wastewater treatment methods for smaller or larger settlements and the criteria used for their choice: land availability, performance, complexity, construction, operating and energy costs.


Ημέρα Νερού: Μάρτιος 2017