Hydromanagement specializes in water resources engineering and has conducted numerous projects related to stream settlement, irrigation, hydrological projects, design of water treatment facilities, telemetry etc.

Water Supply Networks and Water Treatment Plants

A considerable number of water supply networks have been designed, ranging from preliminary to final design, including some highly complicated specialised studies. The projects undertaken cover all aspects of water supply, including transmission and trunk mains, distribution networks, pumping stations, reservoirs, pipe replacement and rehabilitation, water treatment plants and SCADA. A few indicative examples are:

  • Water supply, Sewerage network and Wastewater Treatment Plant for Nsork  in Equatorial Guinea, Africa – design for construction
  • Design of seawater Desalination Plant in Agia Paraskevi – Santorini island – budget of 9.970.000 €. Includes a subsea pipeline, a sea water pumping station and pressure pipeline transporting the sea water to the Reverse Osmosis desalination plant.
  • Water Supply Trunk Main and distribution network for the Imera and Avra settlements in Kozani – 9.000m external, 2.000m mains and 8.000m internal network.
  • Hydraulic Study - Connection of Aliakmonas river intake and trunk main to the existing water supply facilities (Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company SA –  E.Y.A.TH)
  • Water supply network to settlements of Alonnisos island – Water supply treatment plant and SCADA – 103 ha, 37,5 km network, 35.000 EP
  • Water supply network of the coastal zone of Kato Olymplos municipality - 38.000 EP, 247 ha, 50 km pipeline network.
  • Water Supply to Ithaki island arid areas – includes submarine trunk main and water treatment plant.
  • Design of submarine pipe from Kalochori to Kalamaria (E.Y.A.T.H.)
  • Water distribution network replacement in the Industrial Zone of Kavala City – 15 km internal network, 4 boreholes, disinfection, automation, SCADA
  • Water Distribution network replacement in Assiros Municipality – over 30 km internal network.
  • Water Supply in Industrial Zone of Alexandroupoli’s city -  3.350m pipes, boreholes, storage tank, pumping station.                                       ΔΙΑΧΕΙΡΙΣΗ ΥΔΑΤΙΚΩΝ

Water Supply Network Management & Leakage Detection

HYDROMANAGEMENT has specialized experience in water supply networks operational management and leak detection. The company’s staff experience was acquired through the completion of a number of projects, in collaboration with the British Consultants HYDER and British Leak Detection services providers FLOWCONTROL and HYDROSAVE.

Some of the operational management and leakage control projects completed are:

  • Surveying, locating and recording 385 km of water supply distribution pipes, including all hydraulic components (manholes, valves, washout valves, fire hydrants and service pipes) – Digital mapping - Leak detection program. (Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company S.A.- E.Y.A.TH.)
  • Water supply network operational management & leakage control study for the Municipal Water and Sewage Company of Florina - Digital Mapping, Development of GIS, Hydraulic modeling, construction and calibration, Leakage control.
  • Thessaloniki Water Supply Network Operational Management and Leakage Control Study E.Y.A.TH. –Digital Mapping of 1.500 km network, GIS (ArcInfo) development, flow, pressure and reservoirs level measurements, construction and validation of a strategic and detailed water supply network hydraulic model (SYNERGEE & STRUMAP), pressure reduction zones set up and monitoring, drillings operation review and evaluation, network rehabilitation study, tender documents for SCADA project. (in collaboration with HYDER Consulting UK Ltd).
  • Restructuring of Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company S.A. (E.Y.A.TH.) - Technical and financial assessment of EYATH and setting up of the operational and investment program in view of the company’s introduction in the Greek Stock Exchange - (in collaboration with HYDER Consulting UK Ltd).
  • Thessaloniki Water Supply Network Operational Management and Leakage Control Program E.Y.A.TH –Digital Mapping, valve control, consumption data management, flow meters installation, hydraulic modeling, construction and validation, water quality modeling and leak control in two pilot areas.
  • Thessaloniki Water Supply Network – Primary measures for the water supply problems in the city, E.Y.A.TH S.A. (in collaboration with HYDER)
  • Water Distribution Network - 1st Phase of Leak Detection Program of Thessaloniki 230 km of network, (in collaboration with HYDER and FLOWCONTROL)
  • Water Distribution Network - Main Leak Detection Program of Thessaloniki - (800 km of network, Consultant HYDROSAVE)
  • Leak Detection Programme of Thessaloniki’s Port Authority Water Supply Network (O.L.TH. S.A.)
  • Leak Detection Program for the Industrial Zone of Volos City
  • Water Supply Network Control – Municipality of Mygdonia
  • Leak Detection of Municipal Water Supply Network of a settlement in Municipality of Miki, Xanthi
  • Leakage Control, pressure and discharge measurements in the Water Supply Network of the City of Alexandroupoli

Other projects

  • Deskati’s Water Supply – Additional works. Water treatment refinery.
  • Partial diversion of Scholari and Lagadikia streams in the frame of the environmental rehabilitation projects for the Koronia lake.  Diversion of the two streams in order to enhance Koronia Lake with 10.000.000 m3 water annually.
  • Design of urgent flood protection works in the Krausidona stream (Prefecture of Magnesia) – river improvement study, hydraulic study for fluctuating flow and final proposals
  • Study of the Mydgonian water basin. Water balance study for the Volvi and Koronia lakes basin.
  • Trilofo Irrigation Project- Municipality of Elafina, Pieria. Supply pipe and pumping station serving an irrigation tank.
  • Study of irrigation network for the lowlands of Eginio Municipality (Perfecture of Pieria)