The services offered by Hydromanagement include the design and realization of waste transshipment and waste disposal facilities. The company's personnel constitute a dynamic team of consultants adapting to the respective technological requirements and applicable environmental regulatory frameworks.

Indicative examples of projects are listed below:

  • Restoration and rehabilitation study for the sanitary landfill site in Tagarades – Thessaloniki
  • Technical offer: “Waste treatment and disposal facilities at the Southeastern part of Pella Regional Unit (Giannitsa Landfill)”   Construction of a sanitary landfill site serving 100.000 inhabitants with a capacity of 1.270.000 m3.
  • Study project on: Serres sanitary landfill site -  Solid Waste Transfer stations of Zihni and Nigrita – Rehabilitation of Nigrita waste site Four separate projects serving a population of 200,000 inhabitants. The Landfill site has a capacity of about 4.000.000m3 and in the future it will be used as a Residual Landfill Site, accompanied by composting and recycling facilities. Solid Waste Transfer stations of Zihni and Nigrita serve 28,000 and 26,000 inhabitants respectively. The new waste site in Nigrita ensures the required capacity for disposing a volume of 36,000 m3 of scattered waste.
  • Design of sanitary landfill site in Syros island – 540.000 m3 of waste 
  • Design of landfill site expansion in Katerini city – 113.000 EP – 150.000 m3 of waste (B’ phase) 
  • Design of the 3rd cell of the sanitary landfill site in Larissa. capacity of 3.240.000m3, serving 280.000 inhabitants.
  • Design of sanitary landfill site in the North-western Part of Thessaloniki Regional Unit – capacity of 9.800.000m3
  • Rehabilitation study for Kalochori disperse and attenuate landfill site – Natura area of 160.000 m2
  • Design of landfill site rehabilitation in Arta city – 230.000 m3 of waste 
  • Solid Waste Transfer stations Construction and Operation, Xilofago and Skarino, Cyprus – 90.000tn/yr  & 11.000 tn/yr 
  • Design of solid waste transfer station in Lesbos island – 54.000 EP and 21.400 tn/yr 
  • Rehabilitation study for inactive waste site in Thermi-Panorama region
  • Final Design of Athens Waste Transfer Station and neighbor municipalities (West Attica) – capacity: 145.000 tn/yr – budget of 13.850.000 €
  • Technical offer: Construction of Alexandroupoli’s Residue Landfill site – budget of 6.200.000 €. The capacity of the residue landfill site is 669.300 m3 and its operation serves a population of 260.000 inhabitants.