HYDRΟMANAGEMENT’s privately owned offices are located at 18A Ermou Str, Thessaloniki, occupying a total area of 350 m2.

The company has invested into state-of-the-art office equipment in order to provide its personnel with the necessary means for delivering high quality work. An efficient computer network comprising of a central server station and 22 desktop and laptop computers, 1 A0 plotters, 4 A4-A3 printers, 2 scanner, 1 high workload copier and a brand new communications centre provide the frame of the daily activities.

The company owns up-to-date licenses of all standard commercial software used in its range of activities (including CAD software, Hydraulic Modeling software, Environmental modeling assessing software, GIS software etc.), while it also uses a vast number of in-house developed suites.

Additionally, HYDROMANAGEMENT owns specialized field equipment including:

  • High accuracy GPS set for mapping purposes
  • State-of-the-art leak detection equipment set (Noise loggers, Digital leak noise correlator with 2 sensors, Ground Microphone, Listening Stick)
  • High accuracy equipment for locating pipelines – Georadar (Ground penetrating radar (GPR) system for utility locating)