Hydromanagement Consulting Engineers Ltd. was founded in 2005 by an expert group of technical consulting engineers. Though a short lived company, it carries the legacy of 30 years of excellence achieved by its founders in the fields of water & environmental engineering.

Under the guidance and partial financing of the European Union and fulfilling the drive towards a more sustainable and environment friendly development, Greece has seen, during the last decades, an unprecedented activity growth in the sectors of environmental management, waste treatment and control, and management of all phases of the water cycle. Recognizing the rapidly growing demand for high quality consulting services and engineering designs in these sectors, Hydromanagement was formed with the aim to assume the role of industry leader in Northern Greece.

Its personnel possess experience in all major aspects of water & environmental engineering. The vast majority are engineers and have undertaken postgraduate courses related to its scope of services and have then passed a stringent training program to ensure their adequacy for the company’s high standards. Constant investment in infrastructure and equipment ensures that the company’s staff always has the right tools and suitable working environment to complete projects at the highest quality and well within the time frames.

HYDROMANAGEMENT’s philosophy of excellence necessitates that whenever the tasks assigned require services outside the company’s scope of services, cooperation with other specialised firms of equally high standards is sought. This philosophy has led HYDROMANAGEMENT into cooperation with major domestic and international engineering firms as well as contractors.

During its existence, drawing upon the much longer experience of its founders, HYDROMANAGEMENT has managed to dominate its field in Northern Greece, setting new objectives worldwide. The past couple of years a large number of projects and providing consulting services of invariably high standards have been completed.  Satisfaction of the company’s clients, both from the private and public sector, demonstrates HYDROMANAGEMENT’s value added products.