HYDROMANAGEMENT provides consultancy services of high standards on various water engineering and environmental issues as presented indicatively:

  • The provision of specialized technical services to the Hellenic republic in relation to the privatization of Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company S.A. (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) - in collaboration with HYDER Consulting UK Ltd
  • Consultant of the Organization of Thessaloniki on environmental issues and the evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.
  • Participation as a Consultant in the EU Cohesion Fund’s programs for the water and the environment.
  • European Investment Bank Consultant for the financing of water works in Greece.
  • Part of the Technical Consultant’s team in the project of the Thessaloniki wastewater treatment plant completion and expansion.
  • E.Y.A.TH.’s Technical Consultant in the project «Thessaloniki Water Supply Network Operational Management and Leakage Control Study»
  • Consulting services concerning hydraulic studies for the Aegean and Ionian Islands for the support of the Project Supervision Department of Egnatia Odos S.A.
  • Management consulting services for the support of the project "Protection and Upgrade of the Suburban Forest of Thessaloniki (Sheih-Sou)’’