HYDROMANAGEMENT is active in the following sectors:


The company offers high quality services in the following fields:

  • Water Resources Management (Water Supply systems, Water Supply Network operational management and leak detection, Water Treatment Plants, River Improvements, Irrigation Systems, Climate Changes)
  • Wastewater Management (Sewerage and Storm Water networks, Wastewater Treatment Plants)
  • Solid Waste Management (Landfill engineering, Solid Waste Transfer Stations, Sustainable Waste Management)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Strategic Environmental Assessment, national and cross border framework)
  • Other sectors (GIS, Energy from Biomass, Optimization of water and wastewater treatment operation, Cost-Benefit Analysis, European transnational programmes, etc)





HYDROMANAGEMENT specializes in water supply network operational management and leak detection and is able to undertake a variety of relevant studies.

A considerable number of water supply networks have been designed, ranging from preliminary to final design, including some highly complicated specialized studies. The projects undertaken cover all aspects of water supply, including transmission and trunk mains, distribution networks, pumping stations, reservoirs, pipe replacement and rehabilitation, water treatment plants and SCADA.

HYDROMANAGEMENT has specialized experience in water supply networks operational management and leak detection. The company’s staff experience was acquired through the completion of a number of projects, in collaboration with the British Consultants HYDER and British Leak Detection services providers FLOWCONTROL and HYDROSAVE.

In addition to the above, the sector’s personnel have extensive experience in projects related to stream settlement, irrigation, hydrological projects, design of water treatment facilities and telemetry.


HYDROMANAGEMENT’s personnel have extensive experience in studies related to sewerage and storm water networks. Dynamic calculation of sewer networks is conducted with the use of relevant software packages, which simulate sewage and rainwater runoff, as well as pollutant loads’ transportation through the sewerage network to natural recipients. Their expertise extends to vacuum drainage systems.

Moreover, HYDROMANAGEMENT has carried out a substantial number of specialized projects in the field of highway drainage.

Concerning wastewater treatment, the company has conducted a significant number of national and international WWTP projects under tight deadlines. The projects concern population equivalent from 100 to 250.000 and varying applied methods. Furthermore, the company undertakes industrial wastewater treatment plants design studies.


The services offered by HYDROMANAGEMENT include the design and realization of waste transshipment and waste disposal facilities. The company's personnel constitute a dynamic team of consultants adapting to the respective technological requirements and applicable environmental regulatory frameworks.


HYDROMANAGEMENT has carried out Environmental Impact Assessment studies, related to wastewater treatment plants, stormwater and sewerage networks, landfill sites, stream basin designs and irrigation works. It also undertakes Strategic Environmental Assessment Studies


Οther than the services for which it has enjoyed its great reputation, HYDROMANAGEMENT also provides services in a wide variety of engineering disciplines like: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Energy from Biomass, Cost Benefit Analysis Studies, Optimization of Plant Operation